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New Pictures for “TSOM Artwork”

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Hey everyone!  Please check out the new images in “TSOM Artwork”, so graciously given by Elizabeth M.  The pictures are fantastically drawn, and  I have to give Elizabeth credit for being brave enough to ask if they could be posted.  Other than me, she’s the first person to actually post a picture in “TSOM Artwork”, so thanks for having some guts and stepping up to set the example.  Anyone that wants to post an awesome picture concerning TSOM, or just something medieval altogether, is welcome.   My email is

I actually really like it when adult books have pictures, because the pictures are usually really good (based on the fact that books are for adults).  Most people associate pictures in books with children’s books, but it doesn’t always have to be that way.  My favorite adult book with pictures is The Children of Hurin by J.R.R. Tolkien.  Although there’s only a few, the pictures really enlighten what majesty Middle Earth possesses and fulfill Tolkien’s descriptions.  Pictures are great for inciting emotions among readers too.  The image of Galrung the dragon in The Children of Hurin awesomely depicts the might that the beast possesses, and helps you to feel the fear that the characters are feeling.  Other pictures that are meant to describe the beauty of a countryside, or the beauty of a woman, also serve to give readers a better idea of whatever is being described and give readers essentially the same feelings that a character possesses in a story.  And connecting readers with the emotions of the characters in a book is something only great storytellers can do.  I’m not saying that if you have pictures in your book, you’re not a great storyteller because you can’t make your readers feel for your characters without the images.  But to accomplish the feat of connecting your readers with your characters, pictures just, if I can use this term, “give you a boost”!

I’m not saying that my books will have pictures but, depending on the skill of the artist, I’m not opposed to the idea!



Pride, Perfectionism and Anger—Confessions of a Recovering Jerk

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Hey check out this post from Kristen Lamb’s Blog. Apparently by commenting on her blog and reblogging it on mine I could win getting my book critiqued on Kristen’s blog which, by the way, is really popular!

Kristen Lamb's Blog

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I am one of the most blessed people on the planet. Truly. I’m not a millionaire and may never be, but I’m infinitely rich. I wouldn’t trade the wonderful people I know personally and on-line for anything. This is a tough post to write because it’s vulnerable. But I know that all of us struggle and fail and fall and often what keeps us pressing is to know others have been a mess (or still are one). It’s why I’ve branded everything I do under We Are Not Alone.

I have a confession. I am a Recovered (Recovering?) Jerk. It would be nice to lie to you and tell you I never have my moments, but I do. Thankfully, they are much rarer than they used to be. Today, I’d like to talk about some of my Jerk Reformation. It could be a BOOK…okay a SERIES of…

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Yes, I Changed the Blog Theme Again

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I think it’s only fair for me to warn you each time I change my blog theme.  The first theme was to dark and to ordinary, and the second one didn’t give viewers visible information (a reference to the hidden, but clickable…but hidden sidebar).  The new theme enables viewers to see multiple things concerning my blog on a visible sidebar, while still keeping the appearance of the blog not so ordinary.  I hope you can appreciate it.  Tell me if you like the background!


New Blog Theme

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Hey this is just a notice that I’ve changed the way my blog looks.  I liked how mystical and epic it looked originally, but it was too dark for my taste and it looked more like a website and less like a blog.  The new header looks nice and refreshing anyway and I know it’s not copyrighted.

Also important to notice: the sidebar, where it says “Follow Blog” and has a list of my pages and most popular topics, is now a little, clickable icon.  It’s the three horizontal bars in the top right corner of the page.



TSOM Artwork

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I’ve started a new page on artwork about all things TSOM.  I added the first piece of artwork myself, which is a map of Montairyus.  I left out rivers because I didn’t think I could draw those efficiently, but other than that the map is pretty accurate.  Please feel free to send me any artwork you can come up with concerning TSOM at  I’m looking forward to seeing what you can come up with.  In fact, if you send me things that have medieval or fantasy things (like knights, dragons, elves, etc), please feel free to submit them.  With all due respect, the pictures you send me should be large enough to see and not sketched so lightly that you can’t see the image once you take a picture of it.  Also, I’d appreciate if you put some effort into what you draw, because I won’t accept stick figures.  The credit will be entirely yours, by the way!



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Sorry for those of you that keep on getting all those emails when I make corrections to the riddle.  I saw that I didn’t phrase something correctly, so I wanted to change it.  I’ll try to be a bit more careful!



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I thought up of a riddle, so I thought I’d share it.  You can post your answers by leaving a comment or emailing me at  I know I haven’t been posting very much or about very exciting things, so I hope this will be somewhat satisfying.  I know the riddle won’t be very hard, so enjoy getting it right!

Here’s the riddle:

You do not have this when you are quite small

It is not the most important part of your body, not too much at all

When you have it, a little cave or a cavern for most it will be

Save for a few, when it is instead like a tiny hill, upon which a speck of dust could land upon and see

What is it?