New Pictures for “TSOM Artwork”

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Hey everyone!  Please check out the new images in “TSOM Artwork”, so graciously given by Elizabeth M.  The pictures are fantastically drawn, and  I have to give Elizabeth credit for being brave enough to ask if they could be posted.  Other than me, she’s the first person to actually post a picture in “TSOM Artwork”, so thanks for having some guts and stepping up to set the example.  Anyone that wants to post an awesome picture concerning TSOM, or just something medieval altogether, is welcome.   My email is

I actually really like it when adult books have pictures, because the pictures are usually really good (based on the fact that books are for adults).  Most people associate pictures in books with children’s books, but it doesn’t always have to be that way.  My favorite adult book with pictures is The Children of Hurin by J.R.R. Tolkien.  Although there’s only a few, the pictures really enlighten what majesty Middle Earth possesses and fulfill Tolkien’s descriptions.  Pictures are great for inciting emotions among readers too.  The image of Galrung the dragon in The Children of Hurin awesomely depicts the might that the beast possesses, and helps you to feel the fear that the characters are feeling.  Other pictures that are meant to describe the beauty of a countryside, or the beauty of a woman, also serve to give readers a better idea of whatever is being described and give readers essentially the same feelings that a character possesses in a story.  And connecting readers with the emotions of the characters in a book is something only great storytellers can do.  I’m not saying that if you have pictures in your book, you’re not a great storyteller because you can’t make your readers feel for your characters without the images.  But to accomplish the feat of connecting your readers with your characters, pictures just, if I can use this term, “give you a boost”!

I’m not saying that my books will have pictures but, depending on the skill of the artist, I’m not opposed to the idea!



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