New Pictures for TSOM Artwork!

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Greetings!  I’m glad to announce that, due to the fantastic abilities and generosity of my older brother, there will be several new pictures in “TSOM Artwork” and in “Montairyus History”.  The pictures are all of dragons, awesomely drawn, with visual aids from the book A Practical Guide to Dragons.  I say that an image will be posted in “Montairyus History” because one of the dragons resembles what I imagine Karuth to look like in “The First Great Eighteen Tarseain and the First Elven War”, so there will be an illustration there.

I’d like to add a few notes concerning “Montairyus History”, “Characters in TSOM”, and TSOM news…not “TSOM News” the page, but actual The Saga of Montairyus news!  First of all, in “Montairyus History”, I’m working on several historical events, some of which happen before “The First Great Eighteen Tarseain and the First Elven War”.  I’m sorry that everything is and will be coming in out of order, but that will be fixed when I rearrange where everything goes on the page.

Regarding “Characters in TSOM” I’m sure a lot of you are excited for me to post something on that page because, other than in “Sneak Peak at ‘I Was Called’!”, you haven’t really met too many characters.  It’s not that I don’t have the information necessary to write on “Characters in TSOM”, I’m just taking my time in building that page because I want it to be good and I want a lot of people to see it.  My characters mean a lot to me.  I mean, I think most of us can agree that good, likable characters really make a story.  With that said, I’m hesitant to write something about a character, and then be dissatisfied with it, like it isn’t an apt representation of my characters, and have to change whatever I wrote (this is more about not annoying you, my dear followers, with constantly changing text because the blogger keeps on messing up! 😛 ).

Now to the TSOM news.  My editor, a family member, has reached the final five chapters of my book.  Each book I will write is broken into three books, and the final book is five chapters long, so my editor is editing the final book of “I Was Called” (I know, it’s confusing).  What this means is that it’s only a matter of time before my book gets sent to a publisher, and hopefully, will in turn be available to all of you once it gets published!



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