New Addition to “Montairyus History” and “TSOM Artwork”!

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     Hey everyone!  There will be a new addition to “Montairyus History” and “TSOM Artwork”.  For “Montairyus History” there’s the story of the “Slaughter of Drunu”, which happened before “The First Great Eighteen Tarseain and the First Elven War”.  Like I said before, everything will be arranged in chronological order, so however each historical event is arranged will determine when it happened in Montairyus history.

     As for “TSOM Artwork”, I will be (quite courageously) putting in a picture I drew of Terren, the main character in “I Was Called”.  Please note the most fallible details, the impeccably horrible facial features, and the crappy artistic design overall.  I’m glad that the art of my writing isn’t as bad as the art of my drawing!



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