The Doctor: the Physician

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Just a poem I wrote in honor of Easter…

In our world, filled with pain and death, doctors do we need,

 Those that can give us hope, those that can give us help, those that will persevere to defend and preserve life.

 Can the doctor heal his patient if he is angry with the patient?

  And can the doctor heal the patient if he is afraid of confronting the patient about his wound?

 No, the doctor that acts with gentleness, and sincerity and honesty, is the one that heals his patient. 

But the greatest doctor is the one that gives his life for his patient;

the doctor who gives his own blood to save the life of his patient.

The doctor that loves his patient beyond all telling, and will do anything to keep him alive—

indeed, this is the greatest doctor.

Mankind is a race that is dying; a race that suffers.

Sin is the disease.

Sin is the disease that urges mankind to cause itself suffering

This suffering is great; it has been present since the beginning.

Who can stop such an illness?  Who will cure us?

Behold, by the grace of our God, a Doctor was given to mankind;

A physician; the Divine Physician

He is the perfect doctor.   He is our savior.

Lo, He came not angry with us, and He was not afraid to confront the wound;

the wound dealt to humanity by sin.

No, our doctor, our Divine Physician, acts with gentleness, sincerity and honesty to heal us

Yet when a greater act is needed, a greater act to stop the blood, the life, that drains out of mankind,

Our Divine Physician, our Savior, gives His blood, His life for us, so that we are no longer dead

but alive.

By our sin we have caused this, our Divine Physician to die; a Physician from God.

He is God’s son.  

We killed our Doctor.  By the outpouring of His blood, He saved us.  Yet He is Dead.

What hope can be given to us?  We killed the Son of God!  Sin has been destroyed.  But our God is dead!

What wrath must follow, now that God’s son has been killed!  What wrath!

What wrath!

Not so.

Not so.


Our Savior has broken free of death!

The Divine Physician cannot be held by death!

He lives!  He lives!

And this miracle: what could it mean?

Our Divine Physician, Jesus Christ has forgiven us of our sins.

So let us sing “Alleluia!”



For Jesus Christ, our Lord, is risen from the dead

Happy Easter!  I know it has nothing to do with my book, but I thought it was necessary.  If you are not a Christian, I still hope you enjoyed it.



2 thoughts on “The Doctor: the Physician

    wanderlost231 said:
    April 20, 2014 at 8:36 AM

    I like how you first gave the picture of relationship between doctor and patient to really draw the reader in and bring a level of understanding, because we can all relate to a doctor-patient-relationship. Then you went further and compared it to the relationship between humanity and Jesus, and how that impacts us today. Great poem! Timely.

      Aul responded:
      April 20, 2014 at 8:43 AM

      Thanks so much! Happy Easter!

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