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1002 First Age

(Translated from Elven to Rarock)

    The key to destroying Kartrus and freeing ourselves of his evil presence is that he is more vulnerable when he takes bodily form.  Taking on a bodily form affects in both a negative and positive way Kartrus’s strength and ability to perform malicious acts. In what follows, I will describe how Kartrus’s strength is impacted by his bodily form.  I mentioned that Kartrus’s bodily form is our hope for his destruction, and this is true, but to free ourselves of his evil presence hinges upon how the word “presence” is defined; this can be discussed at length at another time.

The fact that Kartrus has a body produces negative effects lies in the fact that now he is a physically capable being.   That is a simple statement, but few take time to consider the significance of physicality.  Physical capacity, and in the case that physical capacity is being exercised, provides Kartrus with an entirely new way of subduing the creatures of Montairyus.  He himself has the power to wreak havoc on us; on our bodies, but also on our spirits, and this latter consequence comes from the reality that Kartrus has such power to do so.  For Kartrus, after the creation of his sword, now can capture our souls and bend them to his will.  And he can only do this by the merit of his material being, in which he physically stabs his enemies.  Furthermore, the heinous acts of Kartrus can cause despair and depression in our hearts.  Because of his body, the Lord of Evil can openly display his wickedness.  The followers of Kartrus, the Gilliks, are the result of Kartrus’s bodily form, and they have formed, consequently, the greatest and most horrible force of oppression Montairyus has ever faced, and most likely ever will.  The physicality of Kartrus enables him to have a presence in our world that not only causes us to know and fear his power, but enables him to have the ability to dictate us by clutching us by his power.

The positive affect of Kartrus’s body, however, is the fact that a body may be destroyed.  Kartrus himself cannot be killed, for he is a spirit, but his physical presence can be erased, and this is valuable.  Even as, in his physical being, he can dictate us physically, so too can we do to him.  If we can muster enough power to overcome his own, we can subdue Kartrus through his corporeal state.  However, I have failed to mention a particular negative consequence of Kartrus’s body, which is that Kartrus is a spirit in bodily form, but he hasn’t a body.  This is not as perplexing as it sounds.

Unlike we elves and the humans, Kartrus has no integration of his spirit and body.   They are not united.  Kartrus’s spirit controls his body, and is held within his body, but as a spirit, it is not Kartrus’s natural state to be in bodily form, so he is not exacted by this unity of body and soul.  Rather, as we elves well know, Kartrus’s first body was destroyed by Idherius, the first Aul, but Kartrus quickly assumed control of another body, though this one was and is not as capable of such destruction.  Therefore, this poses a precarious situation, in which, should we happen to kill the current body of the Lord of Evil, he still has the chance to remain physically in our world, transferring his spirit into another body.  As it is, however, he has chosen to surround himself by seven servants, the seven demons, who perform acts of physical destruction for him, while he labors to defeat the spirituality of all elfity and humanity.

So Kartrus’s physicality presents a chance for us to defeat him, but at the same time, proves just how impenetrable he is.  Our hope, for the present, is to keep him at bay.  I do not know how we can defeat him permanently, but there must be a way.  Therefore, pray, my brothers and sisters, that as the Children of Elia, we might find a way to free this world of Kartrus, as it is our duty to the humans, and our purpose in this world.

Latoa Eratoason, Keeper of the Records, Philosopher of Tarseaia


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5 thoughts on “Commentary: Kartrus

    londryfairy said:
    May 13, 2014 at 8:13 AM

    Hi. Found you in the “Pool.” I’m interested in your villain. I have problems writing villains myself. So, as feedback, let me ask… if his body is not destroyed, but instead restrained or caged, can he still take another body?
    For feedback on the writing, let me point out the use of both “affect” & “effect” and “too” & “to.” Lastly, I hope I haven’t gone overboard, the word “physical” becomes repetitive, perhaps “corporeal” or “material,” “tangible,” or “substantial”?
    I like how well defined Kartrus’ strengths and weaknesses are. I like his name too, and all the names here. You did really well incorporating the information unobtrusively. I struggle with that, my incorporation of fictional names reads like an outline. I like the use of “elfity.” Also, the voice here is clear and emphasized even more by the final prayer defining the purpose of the people. It’s good. My opinion, anyway.

      Aul responded:
      May 13, 2014 at 9:32 AM

      Ah, you have a good eye. Thanks for pointing those out.
      In answer to your first question, no, Kartrus cannot literally jump out of one body into another unless his body is destroyed. His body has to be killed first, and then his spirit can find another host. Thanks for the feedback and the compliments! I hope you stop by again!

    askharrieee said:
    May 13, 2014 at 1:30 PM

    Sounds good so far 🙂

      Aul responded:
      May 13, 2014 at 1:32 PM

      Thank you!

        askharrieee said:
        May 13, 2014 at 1:40 PM

        You’re most welcome :))

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