TSOM Quiz!!!!

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Hey everyone!  I’ve decided to comprise a quiz for all of my followers (especially if you’re a new follower) just for fun and to see if you know your TSOM (The Saga of Montairyus) facts.  Some research on my blog might be necessary, but I promise that all the answers can be found on my blog.  The questions are relatively easy too…well, I think they are 😛

Without further ado, here are the rules:

If you know the answers, comment a smiley face 🙂

If you don’t know the answer to a specific question, have no fear!  I will post a comment with the answers!  In fact, I might just edit them into the post.

Not a lot of rules…

Let the quiz begin! (Note: all of these questions concern my first book “I Was Called” or “Montairyus History”)

1. What is the main character’s name in “I Was Called”?  Terren.

2. What is the main villain’s name in TSOM? Kartrus.

3. What is special about the main villain’s weapon? It has the ability to transform regular people into the slaves of Kartrus.

4. Who is Earyis? Terren’s half-brother.

5. What is the plot of “I Was Called”? Earyis is kidnapped by the servants of Kartrus.  Terren must rescue him.

6. Who was the first Great Eighteen Tarseain? Therinis.

7. In the Slaughter of Drunu (see “Montairyus History”) what is the name of the demon that can shoot Death from his hand? Ashcerqu

8. What is the first “notable property” for Guardis in “Characters in TSOM”? Friend of Terren.

9. Where is the country of Fadehawk located on a map of Montairyus (see “TSOM Artwork”)?  Is it a northern, southern, eastern, or western country? Western.

10. What are the minions of the main villain called? Gilliks.

Don’t forget to tell me your answers!



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