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I have decided to post character descriptions in a new category aptly titled “Character Descriptions”.  These descriptions will be longer than the overviews I will present in “Characters in TSOM”.  I’m going to do it this way so that “Characters in TSOM” won’t get so crowded and long that you won’t have time to read all the way through it.  This way, you can read a lengthier summary of a character at your leisure if you go to the category “Character Descriptions”, whereas in “Characters in TSOM” you can find a short and simple overview of the characters.




Efelnid is a tall, slim man.  You couldn’t really say that he is “skinny”, because he is not.  He’s described in “I Was Called” as being thinner than Terren but still having “a muscular build to his upper body”.  He has a thin face, as opposed to round or chubby, and has a pointy, broad-arched nose.  His lips are thin and pink in color, and his blue, deep-set eyes are very round.  His hair is blond with many curls, just reaching his shoulders.  Also, his ears are small and very round, his hands are big and bony, and his feet are large too.  Despite how he is older than most of the characters (around age forty), he looks young for his age.

Personality and Purpose

Like Shrane, not much is said about Efelnid’s personality in my book.  He is very meek, and possesses much concern for the people he cares about, especially in situations of danger.  He likes to know all of the details when such situations arise.  As to his purpose, he is Terren’s step-father, the father of Earyis.  Because Efelnid is the father of Earyis, he is, to a certain extent, important to the story, but he doesn’t play an important role in the plot.  I write in “I Was Called” that Terren is “fond” of Efelnid, so they have a good relationship, and Kaira, Terren’s mother and the wife of Efelnid, shows concern for Efelnid when he is sick.  To the extent that other characters like Efelnid, he could be considered “likable”.



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