Classification of Gilliks

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(Note: this is actually an excerpt from the end of “I Was Called”)

Although the many different types of Gilliks may seem unnecessary, the classification of Gilliks actually holds significance.  The variety of Gilliks consists of the following types: Mairace, goblin, Metulii and Terra Raider.  These names are actually terms of rank and describe how skillful the Gillik is, and denote what types of person or rank the person stabbed by the Sword of Kartrus might have been.  The rank order of a Gillik is listed as above, with the Vakar superior to all those listed.

One becomes a Mairace when he hasn’t any true fighting experience or skill, due to lack of ardent training.  An example of this would be a farmer, a craftsman, an innkeeper, and the like.  Mairaces almost always bear the same appearance and are the most numerous of Kartrus’s infantry.  He uses them at the front lines to tire those resisting, knowing that they are not effective unless many in number, assailing a single prey.  When they tire those that are considerably harder to defeat, the more skillful of Gilliks dispatch them.

A goblin is the variation of what a farmer, craftsman, innkeeper, or the like might become after being stabbed by Kartrus’s sword.  However, anyone might transform into a goblin.  Goblins, unlike the other types of Gilliks, do not have a regular appearance that denotes their species.  This, in a roundabout way, is how they are identified because they bear no resemblance to each other, unlike the other types of Gilliks.  A goblin may have been a knight or a peasant.  They are equipped according to their skill; heavy as to skillful, light as to pathetic.  Kartrus does not waste his weapons on those that don’t know how to use them.

A Metulii could have been a squire before his knighthood, or the common soldier.  They have effective skill and are less numerous than goblins or Mairaces.  They all have similar appearances to each other, with spikes on their heads and enormous eyes.  They usually fight with swords.  Like Mairaces, they are often crafted by Kartrus into giants, but this is rare.

Terra Raiders are the rarest of infantry Gilliks, and the most deadly.  They have a unique but not overly frightening appearance.  They fight with swords, shields, and are the best archers of Kartrus’s warriors.  A Terra Raider would have been a knight, an elf, or someone who has great abilities and extreme skills of swordsmanship.  They are usually used as generals and are spared occasionally for important missions, used to dispatch leaders or be matched against the deadliest of Kartrus’s opponents.

Other Gilliks, such as the Avismal or Cattaki, were animals stabbed by the Sword of Kartrus.  An Avismal is a bird while the Cattaki are any four-legged creature with varying sizes between that of a cat and a donkey.

The reason for such classification of Gilliks is that it enables Kartrus to better calculate attacks and administer a more deadly strike at those who resist him.


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