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I have decided to post character descriptions in a new category aptly titled “Character Descriptions”.  These descriptions will be longer than the overviews I will present in “Characters in TSOM”.  I’m going to do it this way so that “Characters in TSOM” won’t get so crowded and long that you won’t have time to read all the way through it.  This way, you can read a lengthier summary of a character at your leisure if you go to the category “Character Descriptions”, whereas in “Characters in TSOM” you can find a short and simple overview of the characters.



Like Efelnid and Shrane, Kaira is not a significant character in “I Was Called”.  Nevertheless, because she is still an important character in her relation to Terren as his mother, it is worth giving her a description, however brief.


The build and height of Kaira are both medium.  She has a round face, as opposed to thin, and it is starting to get wrinkles.  Her nose is round and small, rather than pointy and large, and she has thin lips, which are light pink.  Her eyes are blue-green, very round, and only slightly deep-set.  Her skin is tan, notably darker than Terren’s.  As to her hair, it reaches nearly to the middle of her back, and it is very thick, possessing a solid brown color that is free of any highlights of lighter shades of brown.  Her hands, feet and ears are regular sized.  She is never described as attractive, but neither is she described as unattractive.

Personality and Purpose

Kaira is patient, emotional, considerably humble and determined (pursuing her interest in cooking, which was rather odd for medieval times), and often concerned about her children.  She prefers that they take precautions that she would rather not merely because she doesn’t want to (for instance, she advises that Terren live in a castle for protection, but she will not).  Reminiscence of a troubled past keeps her from being as happy as she could be.  Nevertheless, she is a very peaceful person, and welcomes serenity.  As to her purpose, she is the mother of Terren, whom Terren is determined to protect, and she is the mother of Earyis, from which the plot of the book comes.



3 thoughts on “Meet Kaira

    Rebekah said:
    June 21, 2014 at 2:59 AM

    Is this a charater you made up or are you describing a character from a book?

    Rebekah said:
    June 21, 2014 at 3:02 AM

    Uh, sorry! I just read ”Your Blogger”. Kiara is a character in your book. I like this short desciption of her.

      Aul responded:
      June 21, 2014 at 11:31 AM

      Haha no worries! Thank you!

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