Update for “Characters in TSOM”: Kartrus and Earyis

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Hi everyone,

I’ve finally gotten around to updating the character profiles for my bad guys.  Please check out https://montairyus23.wordpress.com/characters-in-tsom/ to see my profiles for Kartrus and Earyis.

I understand that some terms I might use in the profiles might be rather vague, or you might have no clue at all what they mean.  For instance, one of the notable properties for Guardis is “Pure Spirit”.  What exactly is a “Pure Spirit”?  And both Guardis and Kartrus possess “mystical powers”.  What type of mystical powers?  Also, Earyis has the notable property “Var”, which I say at the bottom of the page means that he is a “Vakar in training”.  What is a Vakar?

I hope to answer these questions soon, but I have no intention of writing them down in “Characters in TSOM”.  If I don’t explain any of those terms, make sure you nag me to do so 🙂



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