Commentary: The Anatomy of Vakarism

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Understanding Vakarism—the art which one must learn to become a Vakar—is essential to comprehending the plot of “I Was Called”.  So what is Vakarism?  Below, you will discover what it means to be a Vakar and how Kartrus uses this dark art to give his servants great power.



The Anatomy of Vakarism

1222 First Age

(Translated from Elven to Rarock)

Kartrus, seemingly by a sudden realization, has developed a new way to give certain Gilliks great power.  It is a cruel, sad way, but it is effective, and we should try to thwart this new art at any cost.  The new art, which the Lord of Evil calls Vakarism, consists of kidnapping an infants within a year of birth, and spiriting the children back into the heart of Gillik.  There, he raises the children, but he does not immediately stab them with his sword and change them into his horrifying slaves.  Rather, these young ones, which are called Vars, are trained by Kartrus and the foulest of his servants in the ways that are evil.  To Montairyus’s great misfortune, this is a most clever plan, for the mind of a child can be so easily seduced and so easily molded.  Horrible ideas of pride and power are inserted into the brains of our children, and they feed with insatiable hunger on these ideas.  They learn to desire power and to serve Kartrus.  They are selfish, prideful, and hate all that is good.  What is worse, they can no longer understand what is right or why something is right.  Thus, before even being stabbed by Kartrus’s blade, they are already under his control.

Here lies the key to Kartrus’s plan; the reason as to why he would go through the trouble of raising children before stabbing them: instead of having to tempt the children into doing evil, they already desire it.  Therefore, when they are stabbed, they willingly turn to Kartrus, and Kartrus does not need to have his own power resting in them, for they will already have amassed an evil will of their own.  As we study Gilliks more and more, especially the demons of Kartrus, we see that the source of their power comes from their own desire to do evil, not the desire that Kartrus makes them possessed with.  And thus, the Vakars, controlled by their own desire to gain power and to do evil, provide the means by which Kartrus can give these servants great power, but by little of his own effort.  And if Kartrus can create such creatures with little effort, how much more power will he have for himself, or to give to other Gilliks?  Indeed, Vakarism has become the new fear of Montairyus.  Guard your children; defend them from the Evil One.  He is coming, and he will transform our young ones into some of the deadliest, most malicious beasts Montairyus has ever known unless he is stopped.

Latoa Eratoason, Keeper of the Records, Philosopher of Tarseaia





2 thoughts on “Commentary: The Anatomy of Vakarism

    Elizabeth M. said:
    July 17, 2014 at 4:01 PM

    This is such an incredible, original idea! Am I correct in thinking that it is a sort of analogy showing how young people in the world can be so easily corrupted? It’s a cool idea, and makes Kartrus seem really evil. Again, I really like it!

      Aul responded:
      July 17, 2014 at 5:00 PM

      Thank you! I think the analogy that I was going for was more like how the desire for power corrupts the heart…sort of like a Lord of the Rings analogy. You’re analogy is completely valid though!

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