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I have decided to post character descriptions in a new category aptly titled “Character Descriptions”.  These descriptions will be longer than the overviews I will present in “Characters in TSOM”.  I’m going to do it this way so that “Characters in TSOM” won’t get so crowded and long that you won’t have time to read all the way through it.  This way, you can read a lengthier summary of a character at your leisure if you go to the category “Character Descriptions”, whereas in “Characters in TSOM” you can find a short and simple overview of the characters.



Curser was literally my all-time favorite character from the time I was seven to when I was about eleven.  He was the second character I created, and without him I doubt my book would be the same.  Curser, you could say, came from the Stone Age of the TSOM timeline!


We first meet Curser in the second chapter of “I Was Called” (you can read this chapter at “Sneak Peek at ‘I Was Called’!”).  He is described as looking very suspicious; dark armor, a black cloak—and everything about his attire looks “strange”.  Terren immediately regards him with caution.  I used to love Curser’s armor, and especially his helmet (which, I have been told, looks rather like a cat).  But what does he look like when he is not coated in armor?  Curser is described as handsome in Characters in TSOM.  He has broad cheek-bones, but a thin face.  His eyes are blue and serious; not grumpy or angry, but serious as opposed to witty and jovial.  They are keen and watchful, endeavoring to detect danger wherever it appears.  His hair, quite interestingly, is cherry red, like Ambriea’s, and it falls on either side of his forehead, but not in the middle.  In other words, he doesn’t have bangs.  It is wavy, and looks naturally layered, falling down a couple inches below his neck.  His ears are slightly large (for an elf), but the emphasis would be on “slightly”, not “large”.  His nose is a mixture between round and pointy, and his lips are full.  His hands and feet are regular sized.  He is tall and has a thinner build than the average knight.  Nonetheless, he is still very strong, and it is only because he is an elf that his body appears weaker than it really is.  Overall, Curser is very handsome, and his body reflects his experience as a skilled warrior.


Personality and Purpose

You can tell a lot about Curser by the way his eyes look, the way he carries himself, and the way he talks (I suppose you could do that with a lot of people…).  His eyes, like I said are serious, and they seem to always be searching for danger.  They make him appear as if he is regarding others with suspicion…and he often does.  This is because a large part of Curser’s personality is centered on protecting Ambriea.  They are not in love, and while I don’t want to reveal too much, I will say that they go way back, and Curser feels very obligated to protect her for a certain reason.  Although his desire to protect  Ambriea doesn’t govern the majority of his actions all the time, it has shaped his personality in a number of ways.  For example, he is usually on the side of caution.  As the group travels towards Gillik in “I Was Called”, he likes to avoid other travelers.  He also isn’t a person who likes to joke a lot; he can have fun, but only when the rest of the group is enjoying themselves.  He possesses a sense of leadership, not because he is a leader, but because he believes he has the ability to lead others in a good, proper way.  He is described as a trustworthy friend that one can be honest with, and a friend that deserves respect.

As to Curser’s purpose, he truly starts off the adventure!  Curser is the one who is responsible for Terren meeting his closest friends and allies.  He gets the group started by taking charge and helping them to leave Fadehawk without unwanted detection.  As a warrior, he also helps in the many battles that the group fight.  Most importantly, he is Terren’s friend.

Curser is a cool, likable character, and one deserving of respect.  If you want to learn more about him, check him out in “Sneak Peek at ‘I Was Called’!”.




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