Update For “Montairyus History”!

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Hey everyone!  I’m adding a new historical piece to “Montairyus History”.  It is called “The War of the Elves”.  Unlike some of my other historical tales, this one will be longer, and closer to the era in which “I Was Called” takes place.  The story is about a civil war among the Tarseain elves and the forming of the Wisterians—a new elven country.  I’ve decided to give you a short excerpt from the beginning of the story:


It so came to happen that many years after the Second Elven War had been won, the elves of Tarseaia thrived.  Their population grew, along with their strength and relationship with the humans.  Such were the elves as Caeldius intended them to be—guardians of the world, preachers of peace, and bringers of vast love, love which kept even Kartrus at bay.  In the northern countries of Rarena and Rarock, the elves mingled with the humans, and empowered them with their vibrant love, strength, and hope in times of hardship.  The humans minded not the presence of the elves, as they were the sole keepers of peace in society, who produced happiness and encouraged kindness, and were cornerstones of an unbreakable foundation of civilization.  The elves knew that they themselves did Caeldius’s will, and were content doing what they were created to do.  Kartrus still continued to strike at Rarock, but the combined might of the humans and elves, with hope and desire never relinquished, the Lord of Evil failed outright to do the interminable damage he used to wrought.  The love which brewed in humanity’s heart held fast against the Lord of Evil, sustained by the Tarseain elves.

Kartrus was cunning, though.  He devised a method of striking the free peoples of Montairyus in a seemingly roundabout way.  He did not strike them with his armies, nor did he unleash some horrible beast of his malicious creation.  Instead, he meddled with the mind of a beautiful Elless named Braesis, which meant literally “the fairest”.  And Braesis was indeed one of the most beautiful Elless of all who Caeldius had created.  Kartrus slowly injected the idea of selfishness into Braesis’s mind, along with her five sisters, who were nearly of equal beauty.  Braesis did not know that Kartrus fiddled and subdued her mind, slowly, with utter quietness.  Yet finally, the power of the Lord of Evil overcame her…





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