“I Was Called” Excerpt!

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Hey everyone!  Today I’m going to give you a rare excerpt from “I Was Called”.  I say “rare” because I’ve given you a whole two chapters in “Sneak Peek at ‘I Was Called’!” and I’m not sure it would be wise of me to give you any more, so this will indeed be rare!  This is from an earlier chapter.  I hope you enjoy it!



He positioned himself by Erock behind a bulging maple tree, Gladeus firm in his hands.  Next to the elf, he felt more comfortable, knowing that Erock had killed many Gilliks before.  Terren was considerably surprised at himself in regards to how anxious he was at crossing blades with a Gillik.  It was not like himself to be so afraid before a battle and he was disappointed in himself

Then hoarse breathing, seemingly so loud amidst the quiet night, sounded directly behind the tree which Terren and Erock stood against.  Terren stiffened and held his breath, his very being tingling with anticipation and his heart pounding so hard he worried the Gilliks might hear.  A face showed itself beside Terren.  It entered into the moonlight, unaware of Terren’s presence.  Terren nearly shook with horror, but even still stared into the eyes of the horrible beast.  The Gillik’s eyes were huge, red and sore around the eyes, and they were yellow in color.  It had a sort of snout that reminded Terren of a dragon, with protruding teeth and a long, pointed chin that curved upwards towards the mouth.  The black and matted hair of the beast stank and the skin of the Gillik was white, but the paleness was often obscured by blotches of filth and gore.  The eyes didn’t move, but stared ahead, appearing completely unfocused, as if the creature was blind but it somehow knew how to move without erring.  This was especially disconcerting, and the very dreadfulness of seeing the Gillik beside him, not knowing when he would be discovered, drove a hole into the lord’s courage.

At last, when it appeared that the Gilliks would discover and consequently attack them, Terren uttered a cry and leapt from behind the tree, stabbing Gladeus into the Gillik’s stomach.  The sword sank into the beast’s stomach with a satisfying sound of steel sliding into flesh, and the monster uttered a loud grunt, but did not cry out.  Immediate silence followed thereafter, and Terren pulled Gladeus free and the Gillik fell to the ground.

Then a loud scream, unearthly and terrible, rang from the lips of the Gilliks and they fell upon Terren.  Before they could reach him, however, they encountered the blades of the elves, which sang through the air with skill and proficiency.  Gladamear joined them, and stabbed a beast through the stomach like Terren had.  Two more Gilliks charged Terren.  Their coming, with thundering footsteps and eyes narrowed with hatred, struck Terren with fear before their blades even met his.  With a cry of courage, Terren blocked the blades of both Gilliks, one after the other.  Then he struck one in the abdomen, cutting the Gillik and making it falter out of pain, and dodged a clumsy blow from the other.  He swung upward and caught the uninjured one by the throat, and then kicked away the body that drained of life.  The one with a cut belly struck at him again, roaring, and his intimidation sent Terren dancing backwards.  Another cry of will emitted from the lord as he lunged forward and stabbed the beast through the chest as it lumbered after him, foolishly holding its weapon away from its body.  When Terren turned to aid his other followers, he found that the work was finished.

© Dominic Sceski 2014

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    Aakansha said:
    October 16, 2014 at 12:32 PM

    Hi Dominic,
    I took the liberty of mentioning you in one of my posts. You must have either missed or ignored it. Here:
    Let me know if you want to be excluded!

      Aul responded:
      October 16, 2014 at 4:37 PM

      Ah! Thank you for the kind acknowledgement. Yeah, I’m afraid I haven’t been doing much blogging lately, reading or writing. You may have noticed that all of the posts I’ve been publishing are from earlier months. Busy, busy…
      But thank you for mentioning me 🙂 I think you describe me very well!

        Aakansha said:
        October 17, 2014 at 7:35 AM

        You’re Welcome.

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