The Return of Aul, Part 3

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The first two times I seemingly vanished off the face of the earth, I had good reasons.  Lately, I’ve been struggling to find any inspiration or time to write.  What’s more, I find that blogging produces very little despite lots of effort.  You really have to simply enjoy it and be patient in order to really get something out of it.  The problem is, I am actually not too fond of blogging in general ( :O ) and I’m working on the patient part.  Sometimes I wonder if it’s even worth it though; then it doesn’t really become a matter of patience, but more a matter of being realistic.  In any case, it would be rude of me to disregard all of you, my dear followers, as I’m sure that my absence has already been excruciatingly difficult for you enough.

Yes, I’ve still retained my sense of humor!

Let me catch you up on things regarding the book series:

  • Perhaps some of you can recall the post LOTR VS. TSOM.  I’ve decided that, upon viewing some of Tolkien’s works, and discussion with a dear family member of mine, my book cannot hope to beat Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.  Why?  Because our series are not truly alike.  I know that none of you have been able to read all of my book, but according to my brother, my book reads less as an epic fantasy novel, and more like an Arthurian legend.  This satisfies me; in fact, it gives me peace knowing that The Lord of the Rings will now not always be hanging over me, gloating and belittling me (although, I’m sure Tolkien never intended his series to do that to anyone!).  In any case, I’m happy for what my series is, and I hope you can appreciate it also.
  • I’m currently working on a general letter that I will send out to literary agents.  Since my book is ready to be published (at least by our standards here), we’ve decided to go traditional and see how far we can go with some of the bigger publishing houses, if possible.  Prayers and wishes of luck, please.
  • That’s honestly about it.  Just gotta keep pushing.  God’ll work it out.



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