Happy Thanksgiving

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My dearest followers,

Happy Thanksgiving.  The world is a cruel place.  It is small, cramped with restless people and lonely hearts searching for something more.  War, lies and poverty have racked our country.

Thanksgiving is not necessarily a day that, at least historically, corresponds to a day in history that seems to solve all of the problems listed above.  But the word, the single word, professes something so profound, it would be foolish not to contemplate the words meaning.

Thanksgiving-the giving of thanks for the possessions, or things, a person has, whether material, emotional, etc,.


Also commonly translated or described as “being thankful”.

That, I believe, would be how we would traditionally describe the meaning of this holiday.  But look at the word “thanksgiving”.  My dearest followers, please be sure that, in regards to all that you have, whether it be the love of family and friends, good food, or a warm home.  Yet allow the word to take on another meaning.  “Give thanks” to others.  That is, give others a reason to give thanks.  We are all meant to be “auls” (givers) in one way, or “elias” (receivers) in another.  What more can we do than to fulfill the purpose of our very existence, by freely giving of ourselves, of giving happiness to others, so that, inspired by the contentedness bestowed upon them, they might proclaim a joyful “Thank you!”

Thanksgiving, my dearest followers, could indeed be the remedy to the problems listed above.

To the one who gave to them, to the One who created them, let all people give thanks!

Happy Thanksgiving,



2 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

    chidiscosaffair said:
    November 27, 2014 at 4:01 PM

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too Aul. I have already eaten too much today to the extent that I have no room dessert. I am really thankful for a week off from school and the debut of my store http://tfastore.tictail.com tomorrow.

      Aul responded:
      December 1, 2014 at 8:51 AM

      Why thank you! Yeah, I think everyone feels like that after Thanksgiving. Good luck with your store!

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