A Theory for Overcoming Writer’s Block

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Recently, I’ve been going through some serious problems regarding writer’s block.  There tends to be a lack of inspiration, but even more so there is a lack of motivation.  Writer’s block doesn’t always vanish over time.  It should be called “writer’s wall” or, to get both dramatic and metaphorical, “writer’s tower”, like the sort of tower that keeps a princess locked away.

The thing is, most of the time, we have the key to unlock ourselves from our tower and walk right out.  But we tend to lack the motivation to raise our hand, put the key in the lock, and turn the door-knob.  And, in truth, that’s how easy it can be to overcome writer’s block.

Here’s my theory.  I hope it can be of some use to you.

Whatever you were writing, open it up and stare at the text.  If you have written anything before the part where you’re stuck, read through it a bit.  Get focused, get in the mood, and really try to take yourself out of yourself and FEEL LIKE YOU’RE THERE (Note: this may only apply to those writing fiction, and more specifically novels).  

Once you’ve done that, return to the part of the text in which you last left off.  Now that you’ve gathered yourself mentally, write ONE SENTENCE that follows up with the preceding sentence.  Just one sentence.  This is where the theory comes in.  Let’s tie it in to the princess-in-the-tower-analogy:

If you can write one sentence, you’ve raised your hand to place the key in the lock.   From there, the motivation has already started.  The sentence doesn’t have to be fantastic.  But if you can just write ONE SENTENCE then you can probably finish/write a paragraph.  If you can write a paragraph, you’re in the clear; you can write a page.  If you can write a page, chances are, time permitting, you can write another one.

Writer’s block overcome?  Technically.  The problem is, writer’s block doesn’t always leave so easily.  What do I recommend?  Perform this method over and over until you’re out of that tower.  Once you’re out, don’t put yourself back in.

I hope this helps anyone who is going through a writer’s block!

And if it’s a lousy method….well, if you have writer’s block, you might as well try it; I know what that’s like.  You might as well try any method you can learn of, because you’ve got nothing to lose!



One thought on “A Theory for Overcoming Writer’s Block

    Elizabeth M. said:
    December 9, 2014 at 11:54 AM

    Good idea! I also like the method you talked about in an earlier post, about just focusing on the next exciting part.

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