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Social Media

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Well said.

Cristian Mihai

A lot of people approach social media with the vague hope of it being a sort of wonder solution to marketing and promoting. They’ve been told that social media sells stuff. But I think that they don’t understand how social media actually works.

Social media, social networks, in a way the Internet, can be defined as a continuous flow of INFORMATION. Also, social media enables easy access to ENTERTAINMENT. And lastly, social media is a way for people to interact with each other.

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So I’ve just been thinking.

I read a post recently over at  I can’t say that her writing was perfect.  I can’t say that she proofread her work very well.  But her writing was so simple, and so beautiful.  It really made me think, “Gee, I wanna right something beautiful like that.”  I came back to my blog, and I thought, “Her blog, everything about it, makes you feel free, light, and inspired.  I don’t feel that way when I look at my blog, or read through my content.”

I don’t.

I started to feel like something is missing.  That “light-heartedness”, that free, optimistic feeling.  It’s not here.  I felt like, “Wouldn’t that be great if I could give people such a feeling of hope.”  I wish I could.

But then I took another look at my blog.

The background—it’s dark.  It’s epic, it’s magical, and it’s beautiful, but I don’t see happiness written in it.  It doesn’t brighten up my mood just by looking at it.  And the content…my content.  Some of it may be beautiful too.  But it’s not cheerful necessarily.  It’s not optimistic.

This has helped me to discover what my blog is; a big part of what my writing is and what it’s about.


It’s about struggle.  I see struggle whenever I look at that magical, awesome, bluish golden sky that is my background.  I see determination and anger in my writing.  I see a desire for something more.  I see a desire to have people understand what I’m writing for.  And none of this can be achieved without struggle.

After struggle.

That’s when the somber, earnest appearance breaks, and the freedom, the cheerfulness, and the happiness is released.  That’s when light breaks through the gray clouds; that’s when the storm clears.

There’s something beautiful here.

I can feel it.

It took me a long time to discover it.  And I hope you will too.

Thanks for reading,


The Silent War Against Death

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So this week, on Thursday, January 22nd, I participated at the annual March for Life in Washington D.C.

If you don’t know what the March for Life is, please continue reading.

The March for Life is when people, usually Americans—although people from out of the country are also present—, come together in peaceful protest against the legal right to abort unborn children.  It is a huge gathering.  This year, there were over 650,000 people in Washington D.C., all present to defend unborn babies.  There was no rioting, no jeering, no wrath from the protesters; only praying, chanting, and marching.  We went right up to the Supreme Court Building, where all of this started in the controversial trial of Roe. Vs. Wade.  The marching started at 1:00 and didn’t end for hours.

Does all of this surprise you?  Do you think I’m lying?

The thing is, it wouldn’t surprise me if you think that I am lying.  Because here’s the thing:

Just about every social media or news station will neither post nor say nothing about the March.

There’s more than half a million people in Washington D.C.  Wouldn’t you agree that it’s a little strange that so few people know about it?  Don’t you think more than half a million protesters in D.C. would create a buzz?  Why do you think this happens; why is the March ignored?

The congressmen and the president leave D.C. for the day.  News stations and social media websites ignore it.  Our government tries to cover this up, and the media obviously follows.  The truth is, our government knows how influential more than 650,000 protesters can be.  And our numbers have been rising each year (with the exception of last year, due to heavy snow).  But we cannot be ignored.  We have launched a peaceful, silent war against death.  Because, whether you like it or not, that’s what abortion brings to innocent, helpless human beings who have done nothing wrong: death.

Here are some pictures from the March that I took in case you don’t believe me.  Their unprofessional quality should be proof that they aren’t fake 😛

Going to the March…


Arriving at the March…


The March beginning…



Within the March…


Yep, that’s a lot of people.  Look past the initial cluster of people towards the very back of the picture.  That’s not even close to the end of the March.

A lot of people know that abortion is immoral and that it can never be justified.  If you are of a different opinion, maybe you should reconsider.  I will not apologize for believing in something that is true.  And I will state that truth is something that you cannot disagree with; that’s what makes it the truth.

The next post will tackle some of the many arguments Pro-Abortion people have regarding why abortion isn’t immoral.,,even though it is.


Just Because I Can…

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Just because I can….



My First Response From a Literary Agent!

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Well, the title says it all.  Now I know what you’re thinking, so don’t get too excited.

No, I haven’t been offered anything from an agent.

No, I don’t have a literary agent.

Yes, I got turned down.

Overall though, it was pretty exciting just to actually get a response.  That might sound silly, but being acknowledged by the literary higher-ups, even when they’re turning you down, still feels cool.   The reason why they said they were turning me down was because they weren’t interested in my genre at the moment.  They offered for me to query, however, with any future projects.

Here’s the thing, though, my dear followers:

The agency got back to me in NINE DAYS.  What’s so special about that, you may ask?

That’s really fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So why am I telling you this?  Pay close attention if this logic gets kind of sloppy:

They got back to me in nine days.

This might imply that they aren’t receiving very many submissions so they were able to quickly look at my work; therefore, my work wasn’t lost in a crowd of submissions.

They weren’t looking for fantasy.

If you are writing a book that isn’t fantasy, then…

You could submit a query letter concerning your (non-fantasy) novel to

Your book, if they aren’t receiving too many submissions right now, wouldn’t be lost in a crowd of other books.

They’ll get back to you quickly.

Do it fast, if you’re interested!  And tell me if you have any questions.  I’d like to say, however, that this is just based off of my experience.  In any case, if you do submit a query, I wish you the best of luck!


Montairyus on Facebook

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Hey all,

Just wanted to let you know that Montairyus is on Facebook and I am working to make it a stronger presence on the internet.  I know I used to rarely post anything, but I am trying to make that change!  Please consider supporting Montairyus on Facebook at

Thanks and Happy New Year!