The Response, Part 4—Conclusion and Works Cited

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Here’s the final part of my response to why abortion is wrong.  You can read the first part here, part two here, and the third part here.  Please tell me if agree, and why, or if you disagree, and why, with any of my arguments.  Thanks for reading!

So here is the conclusion and works cited:


     Abortion is wrong, and it is intrinsically immoral.  Using simple reasoning skills and careful inspection of embryology we have discerned this.  However, abortion is still present in the United States, and it continues to kill the lives of millions of innocent people. For years, the people of the United States have allowed the death of millions of babies for years.  Today, there is no prominent sign of abortion being outlawed.  Based on this knowledge, and knowing the truth about abortion, we must ask: what hope can be offered to the unborn of American society?

The pro-life movement currently stands as the hope for the unborn and the force that opposes abortion.  Numerous pro-life groups are spread throughout the United States, working to defend human life and dignity.  Some groups, such as the National Right to Life Committee, have been working to aid the unborn for nearly fifty years.  Despite the efforts of the Pro-life movement, however, abortion is still legal in America.  Victories do appear throughout the years, such as restrictions on abortion in this state or that, and we cannot forget these, but what will it take to officially end abortion in our country and in the world?

The unborn are crying out for freedom and for life.  The mission of saving their lives cannot be left to only a few Pro-lifers that work arduously but without aid, and nor can the job be given to the Pro-lifers who lazily work to preserve dignity and life in America.  Rather, it must become the task of everyone who knows the truth to stand against abortion, against the murder that fills our society, and right this wrong that has become deeply rooted in America since 1973.  May the people of the United States come to recognize the truth and accept the reality that abortion is murder.  May the world understand that from the point of conception a new human possesses dignity and freedom that cannot be taken away from it.  And may the world understand that under no circumstances can the worth and value of human life be deprived from another person, a person with the capacity to think, grow and develop into a full-fledged human being.  As the motto of the Pro-life movement Life Peace and Justice states, “Our worth is not based on circumstances but in our shared humanity”.


Works Cited

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