The Golden Lands

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I’m afraid that I should just be flat out honest.  There’s no reason to deny it.  And, being as faithful as you all have been, I believe you deserve a bit of honesty. (Gee, thanks!)


So here’s the scoop: literary agents, whom I’ve been targeting for over three/four months now, don’t seem to be interested in my type of fantasy.  I’m talking about Montairyus, and all of the types of fantasy it encompasses, namely “high fantasy”.

That’s right.  Montairyus is too noble for the fantasy of this world.  That’s what I tell myself 😉

But the truth is, if you look at the New York Times Bestsellers list, all you see is lots of immoral erotica, and, my main competitor, crime fiction.  (If any of you are writing crime fiction, please take no offense.  Keep on writing, because it’s your time now!)

The point of all of this is that, while I can’t write anything other than fantasy because that’s what I love, I can write in a more modern type of fantasy.  Unlike TSOM, The Golden Lands, a new series I’m working on, is very fast paced, written in first person, and is much shorter.

Copyright 2015 All rights reserved
Copyright 2015 All rights reserved

Please consider checking it out over at .  I’m planning on self-publishing very soon, so spread the word!



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