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Volume 4 Overview

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In case any of you have missed it, a lot of exciting things are going down over at The Golden Lands!

The Golden Lands

That’s right, everyone!  IT’S HERE!!!!!

Presenting to you the overview of Volume 4, the awesome, climatic conclusion of the “Soror and Frater” Arc!

Copyright 2015 Clare Sceski Copyright 2015 Clare Sceski


John, Faith, and Bernard have come farther than they ever thought possible.  They’ve persevered through every struggle, every personal trial, and every foe that has come their way.  Now the final battle has arrived.   Allying with the people of Castrum Fortress, John and his friends must storm the city of Howaito Maki and defeat the three Evil captains…or every prisoner of the Evil will die.




We come to a halt, stopping right beneath the wall which rises high above us.  Thunderous booms sound in the distance, and we can vaguely hear the clashing of weapons and the screams of pain.  “So the fighting has already started,” says one of the scouts with us.

“That’s our diversion,” states…

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