Month: October 2015

Worthy Reading

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A mini-review of The Golden Lands, Volume 1! Thank you to “PCGuyIV” for reaching out and saying something.

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For those who have been paying attention, I have links in the sidebar, and one of the section titles is ?Worthy Reading.? Normally, I would just leave it at that, but I have been needing to update my links for quite some time. Today, I will be taking care of that. I would like to draw your attention, however, to two sites in particular: Montairyus and The Golden Lands. These sites are both operated by Aul.

The Golden Lands, Volume 1: Shadows in the Sunlight?So, who?s Aul?? you ask. Well, his real name is Dominic Sceski, and not only is the the author of both of these blogs, but he is also the author of a fantasy series entitled, The Golden Lands. So far, I have only had the pleasure of reading through the first volume. The story and characters are well developed, and there is plenty of action. There are a few…

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