The Saga of Montairyus

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Montairyus (mon-TEHR-EE-US).  It’s a name that seems to describe something vast; something that’s grand and possesses a sense of awesomeness.  It’s a name that holds credibility in regards that something amazing is going to happen to whatever it is or whoever it is.  As the name implies something magnificent and exciting, there is a desire to know just who or what is Montairyus.

Montairyus is a world.  Created by the god Caeldius, it’s a vast piece of land, along with two islands, that hold amazing sights and features.  It holds creatures such as humans, elves, Gilliks, Dishonuzes, and the occasional Pure Spirit.  Whereas many fictional worlds are placed in areas of mountainous beauty, mine is depicted in rural settings.  Mountains are easy to appreciate and imagine with awe; I cannot lie, there are mountains in Montairyus.  But it takes skill and imagination to truly describe and present a convincing image of how beautiful a rural setting can be, at least in comparison to a mountainous setting.  In any case, I hope you will be satisfied with Montairyus.  The images presented as the background of my blog along with the header are examples of Montairyus’s beauty, as best I could capture without actually creating; I’m only an artist when it comes to the art of writing, not actual art.  (Header picture: credit goes to BlackmillMusic.  No copyright intended)(Background picture: credit goes to MorningLayla.  No copyright intended.)

The Saga of Montairyus (TSOM) is the telling of how a group of humans and elves fight the evil of a powerful spirit in bodily form, Kartrus.  Kartrus seeks to enslave all those who oppose him using a sword which “injects evil” into those he stabs, giving them nearly irresistible temptations to join him.  Those that do turn to Kartrus become horrifying monsters, called Gilliks, that are entirely controlled by his supernatural hold over them.  The main characters, initially determined to rescue someone before he can be stabbed by Kartrus’s sword, become heroes that, as a result, become essential to the world’s survival.  However, they are not only pitted against Kartrus and his army, but also against their own temptations and fears.  Therefore, not only do they battle Kartrus, but they must battle with themselves for righteousness.  And only by achieving this righteousness can they become what Montairyus needs to thwart Kartrus.  Though I try not to credit myself, The Saga of Montairyus is a story filled with all that one could hope for; excitement, suspense, emotion, humor, action, horror, and romance.  I hope you enjoy the series, but I especially hope that you are inspired by the characters to battle for what’s right and to battle evil.

Hayrm veril, (Peace always)