Happy Labor Day!

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Hey everyone!  Just wanted to say happy Labor Day to all my followers.  Also, here are a few updates to keep you up to speed with TSOM:

1. This week I will hear from the contest I entered my book into…say a prayer.

2. I have begun work on The Littlest Christmas Elf which, if you haven’t already gotten excited, is really worth getting excited about.   I’m determined to put some serious effort into the story and make it both silly and really intense.  I have an interesting imagination, if you haven’t already found out.

3. I’m asking that people spread the word about TSOM, because it’s going to be a busy month, and perhaps a very fateful one.  Even if I don’t win the contest, I’ll probably start seeking out agents for some big publishing houses…I’m thinking Random House.  Consequently, the more people know about TSOM, the better chances are I can get “I Was Called” into a publisher’s hands.  I thank you for your help in advance.

4. Once again, happy Labor Day!



The Big Question(s)

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once upon a time


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Today, I thought I’d write about answering a question that I believe is worth pondering.  It’s a big question for writers, so it deserves significant debate.  What’s the question then?

If you are writing a book and you get a new, and possibly better, idea for a book, should you stop writing your current book to pursue this new idea?

I have heard it from a couple sources that yes, you should write the other, new book, if the idea seems really good and could create a better story.  To a certain extent, this makes sense; why waste your time continuing to write a book that is lesser in comparison to a greater book that you could be writing?  Why not embrace this new and better idea?

I believe that, under certain circumstances, this notion is very valid.  If you’re writing a book that you find to be very boring, a book idea that you once thought was great but now don’t even like, then stop wasting your time.  If a new idea comes around, one that you think you can take all the way, then drop the boring story and focus on the exciting one.  Whatever captures your imagination, go with that; don’t settle for anything less.   Writing has to be something you enjoy if you want to do it well.  So why write something that you don’t enjoy?

On the other hand, suppose you’re writing a book and you love the story.  You love the characters.  You think about this book every day.  And then a new idea comes along; it seems more magnificent than the book that you’re currently writing.  You have a sudden desire to jot this new idea down.  Maybe you can work on both this new story and the old one.  Or maybe the new one deserves your undivided attention.  What should you do?

This has happened to me several times; from the time when I was ten years old to the present time.  I can’t say that you shouldn’t go with the new and better idea when it comes, but if I had done that, TSOM would most likely be a forgotten document on my computer.  I stuck with TSOM the whole while, throughout all my years of writing.  Not because it necessarily interested me more than a different idea at some point in time, but because I felt that I had to stick with it.  I had to persevere.  Thanks to the support of family and friends, I also continued to rediscover why I liked TSOM so much.  That being said, let me give you some advice, or a piece of knowledge that I find to be very true:

When others find your writing exciting and interesting, it makes you rediscover how awesome it is to you.

Gather the opinions of others.  Let them read a bit of your story.  Let them share their thoughts with you.  Rediscover your own,  God-given brilliance.   And persevere.  Maybe this isn’t your style to stick with one idea,  but it worked for me.  And I believe that, because I persevered with TSOM, I have also shaped my personality so that I can persevere in other areas of my life.  This brings me to my last point.

Your writing says a lot about who you are.  What does your writing say about you?


Meet Curser

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I have decided to post character descriptions in a new category aptly titled “Character Descriptions”.  These descriptions will be longer than the overviews I will present in “Characters in TSOM”.  I’m going to do it this way so that “Characters in TSOM” won’t get so crowded and long that you won’t have time to read all the way through it.  This way, you can read a lengthier summary of a character at your leisure if you go to the category “Character Descriptions”, whereas in “Characters in TSOM” you can find a short and simple overview of the characters.



Curser was literally my all-time favorite character from the time I was seven to when I was about eleven.  He was the second character I created, and without him I doubt my book would be the same.  Curser, you could say, came from the Stone Age of the TSOM timeline!


We first meet Curser in the second chapter of “I Was Called” (you can read this chapter at “Sneak Peek at ‘I Was Called’!”).  He is described as looking very suspicious; dark armor, a black cloak—and everything about his attire looks “strange”.  Terren immediately regards him with caution.  I used to love Curser’s armor, and especially his helmet (which, I have been told, looks rather like a cat).  But what does he look like when he is not coated in armor?  Curser is described as handsome in Characters in TSOM.  He has broad cheek-bones, but a thin face.  His eyes are blue and serious; not grumpy or angry, but serious as opposed to witty and jovial.  They are keen and watchful, endeavoring to detect danger wherever it appears.  His hair, quite interestingly, is cherry red, like Ambriea’s, and it falls on either side of his forehead, but not in the middle.  In other words, he doesn’t have bangs.  It is wavy, and looks naturally layered, falling down a couple inches below his neck.  His ears are slightly large (for an elf), but the emphasis would be on “slightly”, not “large”.  His nose is a mixture between round and pointy, and his lips are full.  His hands and feet are regular sized.  He is tall and has a thinner build than the average knight.  Nonetheless, he is still very strong, and it is only because he is an elf that his body appears weaker than it really is.  Overall, Curser is very handsome, and his body reflects his experience as a skilled warrior.


Personality and Purpose

You can tell a lot about Curser by the way his eyes look, the way he carries himself, and the way he talks (I suppose you could do that with a lot of people…).  His eyes, like I said are serious, and they seem to always be searching for danger.  They make him appear as if he is regarding others with suspicion…and he often does.  This is because a large part of Curser’s personality is centered on protecting Ambriea.  They are not in love, and while I don’t want to reveal too much, I will say that they go way back, and Curser feels very obligated to protect her for a certain reason.  Although his desire to protect  Ambriea doesn’t govern the majority of his actions all the time, it has shaped his personality in a number of ways.  For example, he is usually on the side of caution.  As the group travels towards Gillik in “I Was Called”, he likes to avoid other travelers.  He also isn’t a person who likes to joke a lot; he can have fun, but only when the rest of the group is enjoying themselves.  He possesses a sense of leadership, not because he is a leader, but because he believes he has the ability to lead others in a good, proper way.  He is described as a trustworthy friend that one can be honest with, and a friend that deserves respect.

As to Curser’s purpose, he truly starts off the adventure!  Curser is the one who is responsible for Terren meeting his closest friends and allies.  He gets the group started by taking charge and helping them to leave Fadehawk without unwanted detection.  As a warrior, he also helps in the many battles that the group fight.  Most importantly, he is Terren’s friend.

Curser is a cool, likable character, and one deserving of respect.  If you want to learn more about him, check him out in “Sneak Peek at ‘I Was Called’!”.



The Return of Aul

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Hi everyone!

I’ve been away for the past couple of days, in case you noticed that I haven’t been posting when I normally do.  I thought I’d give you guys a few updates on what’s been going on with TSOM:

  • I have submitted my book “I Was Called” into a writing competition.  Wish me luck!  I don’t know when I will be receiving results, but this is a very exciting moment for TSOM.
  • Editing for “I Was Called” is finished.  That is, my main editor (my dad) has finished editing it, and after editing it he read the book over the course of a few days and spotted very few mistakes.  This means that “I Was Called’ is as good as we can get it and we are ready to send it in to a publishing company.  However, due to the competition I am entering my book into, we will wait to present “I Was Called” to a publisher.  It will look better if we have already won the prize.
  • Thanks for all of your support!!!!  I’m excited to take on this new stage of TSOM with all of you by my side.
  • Have a Happy Fourth of July!


TSOM Quiz!!!!

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Hey everyone!  I’ve decided to comprise a quiz for all of my followers (especially if you’re a new follower) just for fun and to see if you know your TSOM (The Saga of Montairyus) facts.  Some research on my blog might be necessary, but I promise that all the answers can be found on my blog.  The questions are relatively easy too…well, I think they are 😛

Without further ado, here are the rules:

If you know the answers, comment a smiley face 🙂

If you don’t know the answer to a specific question, have no fear!  I will post a comment with the answers!  In fact, I might just edit them into the post.

Not a lot of rules…

Let the quiz begin! (Note: all of these questions concern my first book “I Was Called” or “Montairyus History”)

1. What is the main character’s name in “I Was Called”?  Terren.

2. What is the main villain’s name in TSOM? Kartrus.

3. What is special about the main villain’s weapon? It has the ability to transform regular people into the slaves of Kartrus.

4. Who is Earyis? Terren’s half-brother.

5. What is the plot of “I Was Called”? Earyis is kidnapped by the servants of Kartrus.  Terren must rescue him.

6. Who was the first Great Eighteen Tarseain? Therinis.

7. In the Slaughter of Drunu (see “Montairyus History”) what is the name of the demon that can shoot Death from his hand? Ashcerqu

8. What is the first “notable property” for Guardis in “Characters in TSOM”? Friend of Terren.

9. Where is the country of Fadehawk located on a map of Montairyus (see “TSOM Artwork”)?  Is it a northern, southern, eastern, or western country? Western.

10. What are the minions of the main villain called? Gilliks.

Don’t forget to tell me your answers!


New Pictures for TSOM Artwork!

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Greetings!  I’m glad to announce that, due to the fantastic abilities and generosity of my older brother, there will be several new pictures in “TSOM Artwork” and in “Montairyus History”.  The pictures are all of dragons, awesomely drawn, with visual aids from the book A Practical Guide to Dragons.  I say that an image will be posted in “Montairyus History” because one of the dragons resembles what I imagine Karuth to look like in “The First Great Eighteen Tarseain and the First Elven War”, so there will be an illustration there.

I’d like to add a few notes concerning “Montairyus History”, “Characters in TSOM”, and TSOM news…not “TSOM News” the page, but actual The Saga of Montairyus news!  First of all, in “Montairyus History”, I’m working on several historical events, some of which happen before “The First Great Eighteen Tarseain and the First Elven War”.  I’m sorry that everything is and will be coming in out of order, but that will be fixed when I rearrange where everything goes on the page.

Regarding “Characters in TSOM” I’m sure a lot of you are excited for me to post something on that page because, other than in “Sneak Peak at ‘I Was Called’!”, you haven’t really met too many characters.  It’s not that I don’t have the information necessary to write on “Characters in TSOM”, I’m just taking my time in building that page because I want it to be good and I want a lot of people to see it.  My characters mean a lot to me.  I mean, I think most of us can agree that good, likable characters really make a story.  With that said, I’m hesitant to write something about a character, and then be dissatisfied with it, like it isn’t an apt representation of my characters, and have to change whatever I wrote (this is more about not annoying you, my dear followers, with constantly changing text because the blogger keeps on messing up! 😛 ).

Now to the TSOM news.  My editor, a family member, has reached the final five chapters of my book.  Each book I will write is broken into three books, and the final book is five chapters long, so my editor is editing the final book of “I Was Called” (I know, it’s confusing).  What this means is that it’s only a matter of time before my book gets sent to a publisher, and hopefully, will in turn be available to all of you once it gets published!


TSOM Artwork

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I’ve started a new page on artwork about all things TSOM.  I added the first piece of artwork myself, which is a map of Montairyus.  I left out rivers because I didn’t think I could draw those efficiently, but other than that the map is pretty accurate.  Please feel free to send me any artwork you can come up with concerning TSOM at aultsom23@gmail.com.  I’m looking forward to seeing what you can come up with.  In fact, if you send me things that have medieval or fantasy things (like knights, dragons, elves, etc), please feel free to submit them.  With all due respect, the pictures you send me should be large enough to see and not sketched so lightly that you can’t see the image once you take a picture of it.  Also, I’d appreciate if you put some effort into what you draw, because I won’t accept stick figures.  The credit will be entirely yours, by the way!