TSOM Artwork

This page will be dedicated to all the artwork of TSOM I can construct or any that someone can create for me.  Viewers are welcome to draw or paint images that they think are good representations of whatever they’re drawing.  I’d be happy to post whatever artwork you can come up with, granted that it has enough detail and is an at least somewhat apt portrayal of the thing you’re drawing in it’s relation to how I, the author and creator of all things Montairyus, believe it should look like.  I’m not saying that unless you indefinitely conform your artwork to my exact idea of what this or that looks like in Montairyus that I won’t show you’re picture; to put it shortly, I won’t accept stick figures.  If you happen to draw something that relates to Montairyus scenery or a character in TSOM, please feel free to email me at aultsom23@gmail.com.  Your artwork could be posted on my blog!



I thought I’d put in the first piece of “artwork”, if it can be called that.  This is a map of Montairyus.  Note the poor handwriting and crappy mountains.  Despite how it is an unprofessional image, it still presents the actual areas of land mentioned in the book in a generally realistic way and setting in regards to how they appear in the story.  Click on the picture for a better view.

map 4

On the left end of the page (west) we see a vertical boundary labeled “Fadehawk”.  This is where TSOM begins.  Above Fadehawk in the top left corner (north-west) there is a wall of mountains called the “Veil of Tarseaia”, and once beyond the mountains there is the “Vale of Tarseaia”…Vale meaning “valley”.  Then, in the midst of the dark plot of land I tried to make appear as trees, we see that this is a forest labeled “Tarseaia”, which is a nation of elves.  Beneath Fadehawk there is a lot of forestation, and then, slightly to the right and below (south-east of Fadehawk, south-west generally), we see the nation of Madhire.  A little more to the right and we reach Jerhash, Fadehawk’s archenemy.  Above Jerhash, beside the tall mountain labeled “Wlekeri Mountain”, there is a little star (you should see a few on the map; they represent cities or castles) that is labeled “Imeri”.  North (above) Imeri are the Arcronagol Mountains, and even further north is the region of Ice Scale, a cluster of mountains in a frosty climate, and with it the country and city of Rarena.  After Imeri and Jerhash to the east we see a long strip of  land labeled vertically “The No-Lands”.  As indicated by its name, these lands belong to and are inhabited by no one.  After the No-Lands in the bottom right corner (south-east) is the elven country of Wisteria.  In the top right corner, (north east), is the nation of Rarock, and labeled is the remaining city of Rae, the capital of Rarock.  East across the Golden Sea is the island of Ralekide, the thin island, and then a fat island with a few mountains, which is labeled “Gillik”, the home of Kartrus and his minions.

So that’s Montairyus!  Other names that you see are pieces of land, such as (from left to right) the Rising Plains, Riverais, Intera Tymoon, Elgonn, and Tormal and Tormalice.  Study your geography; there’s a lot of traveling in TSOM!

Check out these awesome pictures by Elizabeth M!!!!!  Her detail is fantastic, especially with her shading.  Although they aren’t based off of the descriptions of elves in my book, they’re pretty close.  Fantastic work, Elizabeth!

Lone Elf


Elf on Horse

(Inspiration drawn from page 71 of the Rolling Stone Ultimate Guide to the Hobbit magazine)



Check out these pictures of dragons drawn by my older brother!!!










(I think this one looks like Karuth)

Thanks Brother!

Check out this picture of Terren from “I Was Called”!  Please note the awful design, the crappy face, the indescribably horrible shape of the arms, the weak cape action, and the failure that it is!  I didn’t feel like drawing legs, so please note that too!  It’s the worst generalization you’ll ever see of Terren…enjoy!

Terren 1


Here’s a picture of Guardis from “I Was Called”!  Unfortunately, I’m still no artist, but I believe the picture somewhat captures Guardis’s awesomeness.

Guardis 2


2 thoughts on “TSOM Artwork

    K. Caffee said:
    August 10, 2014 at 10:34 PM

    Considering you have devoted so much time to the words, drawings and illustrations are only an addition to, not a critical element of your characters. If your words can draw them in the mind of the reader, then you have done very well. The sketches, rough as they may be will confirm what you have drawn with your words. Keep up the great work!

      Aul responded:
      August 11, 2014 at 11:59 AM

      Haha yeah I can’t really draw. Hopefully people will at least get a few laughs out of my artwork. I totally agree with what you said; my writing should say the most about my characters, not my drawings. Thanks for the advice!

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