The Sun Rises on The Golden Lands….Volume 4 Has Been Published!!!

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Volume 4 of my new series The Golden Lands has been published! Check it out!

The Golden Lands

Good morning everyone 🙂

It’s been done.  Volume 4 is officially published and free at (for a limited time only)!  Click here to download your own eBook copy!

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It’s been a long road.   There has been lots of excitement along the way.  But now it’s time for the end of my first arc.  It’s time for the first finale.  The battle is almost over.  Dawn is about to break through the night.

Welcome to the “feels” of Volume 4, my dear followers 😀

There are many people I must mention, many people that deserve a hand.  First, I’m thankful to God for helping me become the writer that I am.  He is undoubtedly one of my biggest inspirations.  Second, my younger sister Clare, who helps me with all of the artwork/covers for TGL, as well as the plot structure for every volume.  Third would…

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Sorry for the Short Notice…Volume 4 Will be Published on TUESDAY!!!

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A new book is about to be released in my new series, The Golden Lands! Come on over and get in on all the action!

The Golden Lands

The title says it all.  Grab a snack.  Grab some friends.  Tell your grandparents.  Get cozy.  Another volume of The Golden Lands has arrived!!!

At long last, after a much anticipated wait, Volume 4 is finally finished.  As I have said before, not only have I completed another book–due to much help from family, friends, and the Big Guy–but also the first story arc of TGL.  This is a cause for celebration…meaning that the existing books of TGL will be undergoing some constructive changes.  More editing will be done, the covers will be updated, etc.  In other words, I’m using this opportunity to revise TGL as the series now stands.  There’s a lot of work to be done.

But hey, we can worry about that later!  Here’s an overview of Volume 4, in case you missed it!

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John, Faith, and Bernard have come farther than they…

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Worthy Reading

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A mini-review of The Golden Lands, Volume 1! Thank you to “PCGuyIV” for reaching out and saying something.

Thoughts & Theories

For those who have been paying attention, I have links in the sidebar, and one of the section titles is ?Worthy Reading.? Normally, I would just leave it at that, but I have been needing to update my links for quite some time. Today, I will be taking care of that. I would like to draw your attention, however, to two sites in particular: Montairyus and The Golden Lands. These sites are both operated by Aul.

The Golden Lands, Volume 1: Shadows in the Sunlight?So, who?s Aul?? you ask. Well, his real name is Dominic Sceski, and not only is the the author of both of these blogs, but he is also the author of a fantasy series entitled, The Golden Lands. So far, I have only had the pleasure of reading through the first volume. The story and characters are well developed, and there is plenty of action. There are a few…

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Volume 4 Overview

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In case any of you have missed it, a lot of exciting things are going down over at The Golden Lands!

The Golden Lands

That’s right, everyone!  IT’S HERE!!!!!

Presenting to you the overview of Volume 4, the awesome, climatic conclusion of the “Soror and Frater” Arc!

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John, Faith, and Bernard have come farther than they ever thought possible.  They’ve persevered through every struggle, every personal trial, and every foe that has come their way.  Now the final battle has arrived.   Allying with the people of Castrum Fortress, John and his friends must storm the city of Howaito Maki and defeat the three Evil captains…or every prisoner of the Evil will die.




We come to a halt, stopping right beneath the wall which rises high above us.  Thunderous booms sound in the distance, and we can vaguely hear the clashing of weapons and the screams of pain.  “So the fighting has already started,” says one of the scouts with us.

“That’s our diversion,” states…

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Bleach: The Hollowfication Question

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Check out this post from The Golden Lands about Bleach (the anime)!

The Golden Lands

Number one pic

Sometimes we see this when the main character of a story is fighting against an enemy of seemingly unsurpassable might; with no other power to turn to, the main character resorts to teaming up with evil in order to defeat evil.  And maybe, maybe, he’ll even draw his strength from this person or source of evil.


(If you already know all of this, I would encourage you to skip to the section in bold which reads “The Question”)

Ichigo Kurosaki is such a main character.  The manga and anime Bleach is easily one of the most popular Japanese comics and television shows out there, particularly in the shonen (boys) category.  The story follows the adventures of fifteen year-old Ichigo Kurosaki, who becomes a Soul Reaper in order to protect his family from the hunger of a Hollow: a fallen soul/spirit of the underworld.

Ichigo as a Soul Reaper battles a Hollow Ichigo…

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Reviews for Volumes 1 and 2!

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Twins (2)

Hey all!   I’ve only gotten a few reviews, but check out what people are saying about The Golden Lands!

Volume 1 at Smashwords:

“This is a great fast-paced, action-packed adventure story. I kinda wish the fight with the dragon lasted a little longer though.” (4/5 star rating)

“After I read the prologue on the author’s blog, I knew I had to read the rest of the book, so as soon as I heard that it was published, I got it. I was not disappointed.

John Hedekira and Faith Pinck are both realistic characters with depth, and the story is fast-paced and exciting.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a action-packed adventure story. I can’t wait to read the next one!” (5/5 star rating)

Volume 1 at Amazon:

“This was an exciting, fast-paced book, with plenty of twists. I couldn’t put it down. The characters are well-developed and realistic. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for an action-packed adventure story. The end makes me look forward to the next one, too, which I will certainly be reading!”

Volume 2 at Smashwords by the same girl that wrote the second one for Volume 1:

“Volume 2, as promised at the beginning of the book, is even better than the first. John and Faith’s characters continue to become more developed, and the action scenes are brilliant. Overall, the excitement that I loved in the first story continues and increases in the second, and I am most certainly looking forward to the next volume. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes action/adventure stories.” (5/5 star rating)

I’d LOVE to hear what you guys think of TGL too!  Volume 1 is still a free download at, and the iTunes store.  You can also find it on Amazon as a paperback or the Kindle version.

Thanks for all your support!


The Golden Lands – An Awesome New Book!

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Here’s a review from a fellow blogger that read my new book.


Well, before I get into the whole reason for this post, let me first apologize for not having posted anything in such a long while.  I’ve been finishing up school, which believe me, is not very fun.  😛

Anyway, Clare’s brother, who runs a blog over at, and another one at, has officially published his first book!

It’s called *drum-roll, please*:

The Golden Lands, Volume 1: Shadows in the Sunlight

I bought and read it in one day, it was that good.  Actually, I was reading it when my friend called, so I put it down to talk to her, and as soon as she hung up, I continued to read until I was finished.  And now I can’t wait for the next one.

Anyway, I strongly suggest you go check it out!  There’s a lot of different places where you can find it.

eBook: Smashwords

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